Jensen Ackles reaction gifs

I don't claim to have made any of these gifs. I just love Jensen and this is where I'm storing the massive collection of Jensen reactions I have.
Most of these are from Supernatural, but not all of them are. jsyk.


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u-americanus said: WAIT THIS IS THE BEST BLOG EVER


stellahhh said: This blog is probably terrible for my health, but I'm going to follow it anyway.

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss >:3

torturedwinchesterarchive said: ((I love you for making this. Do you have one for Jared and Misha too?))


but if enough people ask i might be persuaded to start them and ignore them as i have this one

Anonymous said: this is quite honestly the greatest blog ever


kabiria said: do you that one gif when dean is in the car and wiggles his nose?i can't seem to find it

i have no idea which or what you mean

www-famke said: hey! do you know what tv appearance is this gif from?? /post/11177543640 thanks


claraoswinchester said: This blog makes my life. Thank you so much for all of the Jensen-loving!!

yes yes bask in my warm loving warming love

Anonymous said: ELENA

no this is patrick

p-r-i-n-c-e-g-a-y said: I LOVE YOU SUPERNATURAL

i’m not supernatural

oddlyenoughno said: Dude, thanks so much for having all of these in one place like this! And I don't know how but somehow I had no trouble loading the page, so congrats on that, too. Haha. Thanks again!

it’s through jensen magicks

Anonymous said: omg i love your blog!!!!!!!!!!! :D thank you for making it i love youfor this

!!!!!! ur welcome!

fierysoleil said: Do you have a gif of Dean saying 'Burn Witch Burn"?

i do not! if i could make one, i would.

hydrochloricacidtrip said: please never ever ever delete this page. I want to show this to my kid's kids. so never ever delete this.

you got it c;